TEPPAN KITCHEN proudly serves Japanese-style, sizzling-plate-teppanyaki meals.  Unlike traditional fast-food offerings, you get to do some of the cooking.
Want your meat just slightly seared? No problem! Just turn it over, mix it with our special butter and chow down!  For first-timers, we suggest to add things up slowly right after mixing the ingredients on your plate. Add a dash of the sauce of your liking – or even perhaps just one of every flavour at a time at first, and just like a chef, you get to decide if the flavours are already perfect for you. Feeling saucy? Drizzle away or even drown your dishes with our sauces. For a more minimalist and simplistic meal, you can even leave the sauces out entirely and still enjoy the flavours of our natural sizzling ingredients!
In addition to our sizzling hot plate meals, we also offer a variety of Japanese and HK inspired snacks and beverages.  Visit us today.